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Want to get your opinion on some things

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1 Want to get your opinion on some things on Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:01 pm

Hi all. I'm wondering what you folks think of a few things.

1) A thread to share our configurations in some detail. So I think a few things would go into that.

- Detailed hardware specifications
- Snow Leopard installation method used
- dsdt origin and any patches applied
- boot configuration including, smbios.plist and /Extra folder layout
- extensions loaded from /Extra
- extensions added to /System/Library/Extensions
- any extensions removed or otherwise hidden
- core system preference pane alterations or additions, ie. trackpad or VoodooHDA

2) A listing of the origin of the extensions used. This would provide a way to track updates and/or issues with specific extensions. All of the extensions provided on the macyourpc install cd originated elsewhere (Genaro, the macyourpc author, has contributed extensions to the community such as the AppleHDA patched for our Dell's used in the 10.5 installation) and can be tracked in various forums and blogs.

3) Tracking of "wish lists". For example: I really want to have native power management with P-states and C-states. Or maybe, I would really like to have a patched AppleHDA because VoodooHDA sounds like two tin cans connected by string.

4) As an extension of the 3rd item, what are your goals and priorities for using a 1525 Hackbook. Examples might be: I enjoy the hunt and am looking to learn and push the limits of what this old inexpensive laptop can do or It's working now please don't bother me with changes that may break the thing...

5) A running list of good threads going on elsewhere that directly relate to our systems.

In general I see these things as a group activity. I don't want to have one example taken as the "correct" or "best" setup, but I could see some value from the sharing of our experience. A step beyond the goal of the macyourpc approach of making things as simple and approachable as possible. If, after much discussion a "best practice" stands out, we could collaborate on a specification that best meets the needs of the community. So, if others are game, I'll do my part but I don't want to be the only one... So what do you folks think?

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2 Well, on Fri Mar 05, 2010 1:14 pm

I would like updating to be normal, native sound support, and native VGA mirrored option plz! oh and a mid fries! and sense we r pretending this is going to happen, i want a million dollars! Very Happy

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